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Hi, Welcome to my editor website. Things are under development, but feel free to download what Im working on.

explanations will come soon, and hopefully people will manage to make games with what ive done.


Im going to add a forum soon. This site will be also assets bank, and hopefully lots of cool stuff will be added here.


if all goes well, I expect people to join me and help develop this to the right direction.


Atm it is a based on Xors3D engine, which is a pretty Good engine as it is. it includes physics and sufficient graphics to allow the creation of at least wonderful 2D Games.


Since now You can add your own Coding to the editor. this opens all the options that were limited by the silly blueprint limitations.


The blueprint is very effective is used properly along with coding. explanations will come soon.


Cheers!    Hardcoal@gmail.com

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